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Roadside Emergencies 8. Park the booster vehicle close to the hood of the disabled vehicle making sure the two vehicles do not touch. Set the parking brake on both vehicles and stay clear of the engine cooling fan and other moving parts.

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Index Parking brake..765 Safety Canopy..697 Parts (see Motorcraft parts).858 Safety defects, reporting..766 Passenger Occupant Safety restraints..678, 685 x7568 688 Classification Sensor..676 Belt-Minder..689 extension assembly..688 Power distribution box for adults..685, 687 x7568 688 (see Fuses)...785 for children..656 Power mirrors..77 Occupant Classification.

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Maintenance and Specifications Allow the vehicle to sit for at least eight hours without starting the engine. Then, start the engine and complete the above driving cycle. The engine must warm up to its normal operating temperature. Once started, do not turn off the engine until the above driving cycle is complete. If the vehicle is still not ready for I/M testing, the above driving cycle will have to be repeated.

Locks and Security Note: Replacement of the battery will not cause the IKT or IA key to become de-programmed from your vehicle. They should operate normally after battery replacement. Replacing lost integrated keyhead transmitters (IKTs) If you would like to have your integrated keyhead transmitters reprogrammed because you lost one, or would like to buy additional IKTs, you can either reprogram them yourself, or take all IKTs to your authorized dealer for reprogramming.

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Driving If you cannot move the gearshift lever out of P (Park) with ignition in the on position and the brake pedal pressed: 6. Apply the parking brake. 7. Using a flat head screwdriver or similar tool, remove the cap. 8.

Roadside Emergencies Note: When the sealing compound is first added into the tire, the air pressure gauge reading on the compressor unit may indicate a higher value this is normal and should be no reason for concern. The pressure will drop after about 85 seconds of operation. The tire pressure has to be checked with the compressor in the OFF position to get the correct tire pressure reading.

Maintenance and Specifications Used engine coolant should be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Follow your community x7569 s regulations and standards for recycling and disposing of automotive fluids. Coolant refill capacity To find out how much fluid your vehicle x7569 s cooling system can hold, refer to Maintenance product specifications and capacities in this chapter.

Driver Controls To raise the convertible top: 6. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Key must be in the on position. It is recommended that the vehicle x7569 s engine is running when raising the top to prevent draining the battery. 7.